Principal’s Post February 2015

Dear HPCS Parent,


Just a quick note today about a couple of things . . .


First, regarding the weather delay this morning, I wanted to explain my rationale for starting school two hours late. I really labored over making the decision last night, because I know how difficult it is, especially for parents who work, to adjust schedules around a two hour school delay. However, when I saw the National Weather Service alert for black ice for our area through 10:00 am, I chose to go ahead and follow other schools in the county and start things later. Many times I second guess myself when I drive in to school and see dry roads, but as someone reminded me this morning, we have several families that come from areas of the county that were at much greater risk for unsafe conditions than the route I take. And I’d have a hard time forgiving myself if someone were ever hurt due to a weather-related accident.


So, to summarize, I don’t ever plan to blindly follow what other schools are doing (a good example is that I wouldn’t anticipate following Greenville County when the delay is due to cold, since we don’t run buses), but I do plan to closely watch National Weather Service alerts and warnings and will generally plan to adapt our schedule to their forecasts.


I also need to apologize that today’s delay didn’t make it to the WYFF closings list. When I attempted to use their system yesterday, we discovered a glitch that would not allow us to post a delay, only closings. I’m working with WYFF to correct this for the future.


Finally, just a reminder that if you’re burdened to give toward helping Teresa Caldwell as they cope with the total loss of their home to fire, you can still give at the office or through PayPal.


Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!




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