Principal’s Post April 2015

Dear HPCS Parent,

I’m particularly excited about this post, because I get to make you aware of three new opportunities geared toward hands-on learning for our Jr/Sr high students starting next year.

First is a new elective course in the area of Industrial Arts (think “Shop Class”). We plan to offer two sections of the course during the 4th hour elective slot open to both guys and girls (Sr High). Topics include: basic woodworking, electrical, plumbing, automotive, HVAC, landscaping, power tools & safety, etc. The goal of the course is similar to our “Home Arts” class but for different applications. We want the students to be able to understand those hands-on maintenance and repair projects we all run into around the house and be able to deal with them on their own. The potential is also there to inspire some students who will find aptitude and interest in these skils to pursue a trade after graduation. HP has an excellent, well-equipped shop facility already in place, and instruction will be provided by individuals skilled in teaching, mentoring, and tradecraft.

Second, I’m happy to announce a partnership with Camp Infinity (, “Where Science and Technology Meet Truth,” who will be offering a special “Ci mini” camp to our students October 19-21. The camp will offer an immersion into the conflicting worldviews of Biblical Creationism and Humanistic Evolution through a multi-sensory experience geared to a variety of learning styles. Students will explore the Creation Museum (KY) and Cincinnati Science Center (OH), guided by the highly credentialed staff of Answers in Genesis. Students will also experience special Q&A times with experts, a zip-line adventure, planetarium show, star gazing activity, special CSI-type adventure, and more. Lodging, meals (except for trip up and back), transportation, and entry fees will all be provided, and HP will provide chaperoning. The entire cost of the trip should be between $300-$400, depending on how many go. We plan to open the trip first to 9th graders taking Physical Science next year, but if slots don’t completely fill up (we’ll take however many we can fit on a coach bus), we’ll open it up to 10th graders, as well.

Finally, Camp Infinity will also be providing a “Ci mobile” series of workshops in robotics that will expose students to the ever important field of STEM. Students will be guided by experts through a teamwork approach to problem solving that integrates knowledge from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Workshops integrate a biblical view of technology to help students learn how to exercise discernment in making God-honoring choices when faced with the rapidly growing world of technology. Ci mobile is scheduled for November 16-18 on the HP campus for two hours after school each day and for a cost around $70.

We’ll have more information on these exciting opportunities in the days ahead!



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