Principal’s Post May 2015

Dear HPCS Parent,

Today our family is celebrating another teenager in the family–Brandon turned 13! It’s just incredible to know I now have two teens in our house . . . where has all the time gone. . . . And last week our family celebrated with yours the end of another year of school–my first at Hampton Park. Both kindergarten and senior graduation went very well last week–I’ll definitely miss the seniors but look forward to how God will use and direct them in this next phase of life.

Thank you for making this first year such a joy! I’ve loved getting to know many of you and your children personally this year and count it an incredible privilege to be able to minister and partner with you here at HP.

As I write this note, the halls are quiet and only a few people are in the office. I already miss the young people and can’t wait for the start of classes again in the fall. (Well, I suppose I can wait . . . it will be very nice to have times of uninterrupted quiet to knock out several projects that need to be accomplished this summer!)

And regarding the summer, let me first wish you a great time with family and friends. Second, I wanted you to know that I challenged the students in our last high school chapel to seek to know the Lord better this summer through His Word. I asked them to take some of the extra time they’ll have over the summer months to spend special time in God’s Word, especially with extended times of reading–tackling a whole book, such as Romans, in one sitting. I shared my own testimony as a teen of reading through Romans during a summer break when I was struggling with what I believed about the claims of Christianity. God used that time of searching in His Word to settle me and draw me closer to Him in a special way. I’m praying the same will occur for many of our students.

Regarding preparations for the fall, we’re already hard at work planning. I’ll be interviewing a great prospect for a first grade teacher next week. Lise Mizell retired after having taught here for decades–she’ll be missed, but what a legacy she leaves behind in all the students she’s influenced through the years! I’m also already planning Connection Week for the 7-12 grade and am getting very excited about what’s in store for the students that week. I’ll be working on strategic and assessment planning as part of our successful accreditation renewal this past year and thinking through ideas for ways to improve what we do as an academic institution. As part of in-service for our faculty, I’m planning on emphasizing ways to improve our teaching, communication, and use of technology. We’ll be completing a comprehensive review of scope and sequence for math in grades K-12 next year, so we’ll be putting the framework for that project in place over the summer. Finally, I’ll be editing the parent/student handbook for next year, reviewing our policies and procedures. Lots to do!

If you haven’t yet enrolled for the fall, please consider doing it soon, as one class is full and others are filling up. Most classes do still have room for additional students, so please think through families you know that might be a good fit for HP and let them know I’d love to meet them and show them around.

You’ll be receiving further information and updates from us throughout the summer, so keep an eye out for those; and let us know if you have any questions or comments at any time. Have a wonderful evening and a great summer,



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