Principal’s Post August 2015

Dear HPCS Parent,

It’s hard to believe September arrives tomorrow and we’re already into our third full week of school! I’m pleased to report that we’re off to a great start to the 2015-16 school year. The Lord answered prayer regarding enrollment–we’re up a few students this year from last year, and there is just a great spirit among students and faculty alike.

Our theme for the year is “I Am for You,” which God Himself declares to us in Romans 8. We’re trying to apply this idea within the school as we attempt to live out our three core values: truth, love, and service. Reminder statements and Scripture for us are: “Truth. It Sets Us Free.” (John 8:32b); “Love God. Love Others.” (Matt.22:37-39); and “Be Great. Serve.” (Matt. 23:11). We’ll be working through these three values in chapel in both the lower and upper school this semester, so please pray that each student would understand and embrace these core concepts from God’s Word. It is these three values that drive our mission as a school to educate the head, heart, and hands of each student, equipping them to engage their world with the Gospel. If we capture and live out these values, it will motivate faculty in teaching and our students in learning (intellect–what), help us get to the heart of each student in behavior (affections–why), and prompt us to apply what we learn in the real world (action–how, when, and where). This is the foundation of a truly Christian education.

It’s been incredible to see students coming up with all sorts of ideas to implement “I Am for You” already this year. They’re reaching out to encourage one another, defend one another, forgive one another, comfort one another. It’s what God has done and continues to do for us, and our students are learning how to be more and more like Him. One student mentioned to me the other day how neat it is this year that talking about the Lord at lunch is actually “cool” now! Pray for us that God will guard this spirit and continue building this kind of culture on campus.

“Connection Week” starts tomorrow for the upper school, and you can just feel the excitement on campus. Our goal for the week is that students and faculty would better connect with one another, with the Lord, and with the community. Each activity planned for the week is designed to meet one of those objectives, so please pray that God would work to that end.

I also want to update you on the “STEAM Powered” initiative, but this post is getting a little long already, so I’ll save a full update for next week. Let me just say that we’ve already been hard at work since faculty in-service on identifying and implementing strategies and leveraging resources to develop our students in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. The plan for this year is to 1) identify what we’re doing well now in these areas and 2) to set goals for improvement, and the plan for next year is to 3) fund-raise for additional resources and 4) implement our goals. Faculty are updating me each week on ways they’re utilizing STEAM in the classroom (I’ll share some of those with you throughout the year), and I’m conducting research and coordinating efforts toward improvement. In fact, I just had lunch with the CEO of a Greenville-based engineering firm serving clients all over the country and even around the globe. He was excited to hear of our STEAM initiative and offered some excellent advice as well as resources to help us improve. More to come!

Have a wonderful evening!



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