Camp Infinity Robotics Workshop


Student particpates in Camp Infiinty robotics workshop

Hampton Park has partnered with Camp Infinity to enrich our science curriculum and broaden the opportunities available to our students. This week, twenty-nine students participated in a robotics workshop hosted here on our own campus.

The students were exposed to a theology of technology integration and encouraged to develop a biblical worldview as it relates to science. Additionally, they learned strong problem solving skills and teamwork while building and programming their Lego Mindstorms EV3 robots.


Students program their robot

At the end of this 3-day workshop, students presented their robots to a small gathering of parents and demonstrated what they had programmed their robot to do. It was amazing to see what was accomplished in such a short
period of time.

Camp Infinity is an important resource for our school. We are excited to continue this partnership and to see how our students develop their God-given abilities and talents through the programs offered by Camp Infinity.


Students working on robot during workshop at Hampton Park

Photo Credit: Greg Moss (Moss Foto)


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