Graduate and Parent Reviews Shine a Bright Light on Hampton Park

Online reviews make it easy for us to decide where to go for dinner, what hotel to stay at during our vacation, and which appliance will work best for us in our home. Likewise, online reviews are a great way for Hampton Park graduates and parents to share their experiences at our school and for prospective parents to catch a glimpse of what makes Hampton Park an excellent choice in the Upstate.

In December 2015, encouraged their users to write reviews about why they are grateful for their school. Here’s what some of our graduates had to say:

“I was significantly more prepared for the work necessary to succeed in college than almost all of my public school peers. My HP friends and I were able to easily transition while most from other schools were not.”

“I loved my years here and I truly appreciate the hard work the teachers put into my education. They prepared me not only for college but for the real world.”

“So grateful for the education I received at Hampton Park for 13 years. I was totally prepared for college. They have such wonderful, dedicated teachers serving there. I look forward to sending my children there one day!”

“My former teachers are still inspiring and encouraging me to be a better teacher in my own career.”

“I received an excellent academic education, sound spiritual support, and lifelong friends through my time at Hampton Park. I began my time at HP after a terrifying public school experience in 7th grade. I graduated from HP in ’01 and went on to college (with numerous scholarships) and graduated twice more. I now have a Master’s Degree in Literacy as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a specialty in psychology… My husband and I hope that our son can one day also have his mind formed, challenged, and nurtured by the wonderful staff and teachings at HP. Words cannot express my deep appreciation for all that Hampton Park gave to me. I am so blessed to have attended this fine school and I’m thankful to still have many of my HP teachers and friends still in my life today.”


Several parents also offered their opinions on what Hampton Park has done for their children and their families:

“We have experienced excellence at every level, from the teachers to the curriculum, from sports to chapel with Hampton Park Christian School.”

“HPCS is so wonderful because they are reinforcing the Christian principles and values that we teach at home. It’s such a blessing to know that the teachers love our children and are quick to encourage and pray with and for them. They are impacting our children for eternity.”

“This is an excellent school and I would highly recommend it if you want your child to receive individual attention.”

“I have had a lot of interaction with the people who serve at Hampton Park Christian school. They all have impressed me with their love and concern for the students. I really love this school.”

“HP is a great school. They care for each student and shows each student how God uses them”

“Each of my son’s teachers from K4 to 3rd grade has addressed situations where honesty, integrity, and fairness were concerned. I have been very pleased with what he has learned through these experiences and also very pleased with the consistency of the responses when these topics are addressed.”

“I cannot single out any one person such a teacher, leader or staff member. I have two children who have graduated from Hampton Park and one who is currently attending high school there. Over the years I have had many opportunities to interact with people at the school who are serving at every level. I have needed leadership’s help on occasion with difficult family issues and I have also interacted with people on the custodial staff as well as those who work in the office and the lunchroom. All my contact with these people, at every level, has been nothing but the best. I think the world of them and I know that they love and care for the students who they are serving. The teachers show that love and concern as well. I think they are the best!”


Interested in reading more reviews or writing your own? Visit to get started, but don’t stop there! Share with your family and friends why you think Hampton Park is a great school, and encourage them to come by and take a tour. Ask them to come and discover the difference at Hampton Park. We love to show new families what God is doing here!


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