SCACS Fine Arts Festival – March 17-18

Permission forms are due Thursday, March 10, for the SCACS Fine Arts Festival!

What is the SCACS Fine Arts Festival?

Each year students from SCACS (South Carolina Association of Christian Schools) compete in various fine arts and academic events. The festival is held at Grace Christian School in West Columbia, SC.

Who Participates in SCACS?

  • All students who are in band, choir, and ensemble are required to participate. Many students also perform in individual and small group music, art, and speech events.
  • There is no school for Upper School students on these days. Students only need to go to Columbia on the day they compete.

What Day/Time Will Students Compete?

  • Please consult the events list in the packet. Some students will need to compete on both days.
  • A running schedule that shows all events, performance times, etc. will be sent home on Monday, March 14. Electronic copies will also be available on RenWeb and our website.
  • Awards are given on the day students compete. All academic testing awards are given on Thursday and all art awards are given on Friday.

What Should Students Wear?

7th-8th Grade Choirs/Ensembles; Jr. High Band

  • Girls: Long black skirt, solid white top (Thursday), solid colored top (Friday), dark shoes (no tennis shoes)
  • Boys: Black pants, white long-sleeved dress shirt, tie or bow tie (any color), dark socks, dark shoes (no tennis shoes)

9th-12th Grade Choirs/Ensembles;  High School Band

  • Girls: Black choir dress, black shoes (no tennis shoes)
  • Boys: Black dress pants, white long-sleeved dress shirt or tux shirt, black vest, black bowtie, black socks, black shoes (no tennis shoes)

Individual Performers

  • Please follow the guidelines given by your private teacher/coach. All students must be in school dress at a minimum, and pants are not permitted for girls.

Does HPCS Provide Transportation?

Yes. You must indicate your preferences on the last page of the info packet.

  • Students may ride with parents, but must arrive at Grace at least 40 minutes before they are scheduled to perform.
  • Students may not ride with another student unless they are also riding with a parent.
  • Bus riders will need money for dinner on the way home.
  • Students leaving early must check out with a sponsor before they leave.
  • Students must have written permission to leave with any adult that is not their parent/guardian.

How much does it cost?

  • Lunch is $5 per day. Students may bring a lunch or eat with their parents at an area restaurant instead of pre-ordering one on the permission form.
  • The participation fees associated with the SCACS Festival are paid by HPCS.

Who should I contact with questions?

Please email Mrs. Gearhart at or call the school office at 233-0556.





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