Lunch: The Hidden Gem at HPCS

Typical School Lunches Leave Much to be Desired

When you think of your school cafeteria, what comes to mind? Do you think of unappetizing, bland meals served in plastic-sealed portions? Perhaps you think of this article from the New York Times which outlines the fact that fewer students are purchasing lunches since the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act took effect in 2012. School lunches have such a poor reputation that one blogger actually wrote a book after blogging an entire month’s worth of tasteless lunches at the school where she teaches. Some American teenagers have used social media as a place to post pictures of their visually unappealing lunches, blaming First Lady Michelle Obama for the changes in their cafeteria meals.

HPCS Lunches Are Not Your Normal “Cafeteria Food”

Bowl of Salad

10 of the 19 lunches offered in April feature salad as a menu item

At Hampton Park Christian School, our food service staff serves delicious, home-style meals that are prepared in our own professional kitchen (except the pizza – we order that from our favorite local spot, Pebble Creek Pizza). Menus are published a month at a time so families can plan which days they’d like to order lunch and which days they’d like to bring their own. Many gluten-free meals are available by request.

Here are the ten most popular lunch offerings at HPCS:

  • Pizza
  • Chicken tenders
  • Hamburger bar
  • Taco bar
  • Baked potato bar
  • Breakfast for lunch
  • Chicken parmesan
  • Warm turkey with provolone on a pretzel roll and our own (almost famous) version of Chick-fil-A sauce
  • Chicken enchiladas
  • Southwest chicken wraps

Salad bar

It might surprise you that salad is offered as part of many of these meals. In fact, salad is offered with meals (or as the meal itself) 10 times out of the 19 meals served in April, and students love the fresh options provided on the salad bar. So, while news articles may tell you that school-aged kids are turning their noses up at healthy food options, that isn’t the case at HPCS.

Thank you, food service staff, for providing our school with meals that not only look great but taste delicious!





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