Yearbook Dedication 2016

Each spring, students from HPCS gather in the Main Auditorium for the annual yearbook dedication. It’s an exciting time! As students arrive, a slideshow of “outtakes” from the year plays and you can hear students giggling and laughing as they recall fond memories of the year.

As announced by editors Kristen D. and Molly C., tIMG_3700he 2016 Reflections is dedicated to Mr. David Hallberg. The dedication page reads:

” The recipient of the 2016 dedication is a good example of Psalm 139:14, of being fearfully and wonderfully made to accomplish God’s will for his life. As the #1 fan of Hampton Park Christian School, he is the unofficial manager of every team, the walking archive of yearbook trivia, and the joy of all who know him. His love for God and for others is creatively expressed as he serves others by helping with various asks around campus. Because we love him and because he loves us, the 2016 Reflections Staff is especially pleased to dedicate this yearbook to Mr. David Hallberg.”

After David was announced as the recipient, family members (who had been “hiding” in the balcony) joined him on stage to congratulate him.

IMG_3699Hampton Park is a better place because of David Hallberg. Congratulations, Dave! #iam4you


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