HPCS Students Invited to Participate in Super Hero Day

On Wednesday, October 5, a number of upstate schools will be honoring Jacob Hall, the boy who was killed in the Townville Elementary School shooting last week, by wearing super hero attire to school. Jacob’s parents indicated he loved super heroes because “he loved anything to do with goodness. He loved anything to do with being able to help somebody. . . . Jacob was going to make a difference, and he still is going to make a difference.”

Super heroes are such because they save people, serve the good, and fight evil. These are excellent virtues! If your child would like to participate in “super hero day” in honor of Jacob and his desire to do good and help others, he or she is very welcome to do so tomorrow.

Death is a tragic thing, especially the death of a child; but at times like these it can be a healthy, though difficult, thing to reflect on the brevity of life (Ecclesiastes 7:1-4). It is also a good thing, however, for us to contemplate the hope we have in Jesus Christ our Savior, who rescues us from evil and despair. Please consider spending some quiet time with your children tomorrow to reflect on Jacob’s life, his desire to be a hero by serving others, and the example of Jesus, our ultimate hero.


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