Principals Post – Nov 6, 2017

Dear HPCS Parent,

It’s with a heavy heart I write today’s post as we grieve with the members of the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, TX. I can’t imagine what these brothers and sisters must be going through now as they plan funerals for twenty-six members of their congregation. Tragedies such as this remind us of the broken world in which we live and of the hope we have of eternity in heaven with our Savior, Jesus Christ. Please pray for this church during this terribly difficult time.

As some of you know, Hampton Park experienced a break-in last week between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Thursday morning. A young lady is seen on security camera footage entering the gym lobby while several men were playing morning basketball. She lingered for a few minutes in the athletic office, during which time she stole a wallet and a couple of other small items. She is seen a few minutes later on another security camera both inside and just outside the church auditorium lobby. She had entered the lobby through a side door that was unlocked because the electronic locking mechanism had malfunctioned. She never entered the classroom area of any building, and as far as we know she took no other items than a few small decorative pumpkins at the entrance to the church auditorium. One of our faculty approached her while she was in the church lobby and got a good look at her face. After he called out to ask if he could help her, she fled off campus. We reported all of this to the police, who are conducting an investigation, and gave them copies of our security footage. The malfunctioning door was repaired the same day as the break-in.
Both of the events above remind us of the need for vigilance in matters of safety and security. Though many times inconvenient, this is why we keep all campus doors but the main office locked during school hours. We work very hard to keep your children safe and routinely conduct various drills to prepare for emergencies. The police department has praised us many times for our diligence in preparation and follow through, but we know that our ultimate safety and security is in the Lord’s hands. God has been very gracious to us, and we continue to trust Him and work hard on our part to steward the care of your children.

In other matters, I’d like to publicly praise our  varsity soccer and volleyball teams for a great season and for each placing 2nd in the SCACS state tournament a few days ago. Also, a huge congratulations to our Cross Country team, who recently placed 1st at the state championship for the 2nd year in a row! Not only did the team win first place but the top two finishers for both the boys and the girls were from HPCS! We’re so proud of each of these runners–for their hard work and for their character both on and off the course. Go Panthers! I’m so proud of these athletes as well as those students who participated in the high school fine arts festival last week, representing our school well and placing high in a number of competitions.

Finally, a few reminders:

And with Christmas shopping season almost upon us, please don’t forget to do all your shopping through the following link: I bookmarked this link and renamed it “Amazon” on my computer so that each time I click and shop at the Amazon site a percentage of my purchases is credited to HPCS. This is an easy way to help our school raise money with no effort on your part other than to remember to use this link for all your Amazon shopping.

It’s hard to believe we’re now into the second quarter of school and that Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks are just around the corner. It’s such a blessing to see the laptop computers, Promethean boards, iPads, and other items from the STEAM Initiative being used each day here at school–what a blessing!

Please pray for us that God will continue to provide for us, keep us safe, and grow us to be more like Christ. Thank you for entrusting your children to us,

Kevin Priest


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