HPCS Weekly News – December 19, 2017

T’was the night before Christmas Break!

T’was the night before Christmas break, and all through the halls,

Students and teachers were having a ball!

Program practices were over, Mrs. K. breathed a sigh,

Now there was time for the gifts yet to buy.

With just one day left before Christmas break,

Upper School students exams still to take.

Gifts to exchange, and parties, and fun,

Remember we celebrate the gift of His Son!


Upcoming Events

K4-2nd Grade Christmas Program – Tonight at 7:00 p.m.

While you may have gone to more than one,

Christmas programs are sweet and lots of fun.

In the Main Auditorium, you should come tonight at seven!

Hear songs about snow, holiday lights, and a baby from heaven.

T’was the Night Before Christmas is the theme this year,

Students should be dressed in more than cheer.

Girls should wear Christmas dresses or tops and skirts,

Boys wear dark pants with sweaters or long-sleeved dress shirts.


Ugly Christmas Sweater Day – Wednesday, December 20

Wednesday is Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!

What is that, you may say? Is it just an ordinary day? No way!

Students should put on a sweater, be it ugly or cute –

Sweaters donned with lights, colors, bows or even fruit!

Upper School students to Fun Chapel they’ll go,

To find out who wins the ugliest sweater, you know.   

Festival of Trees

Go by the Downtown Hyatt to see the St. Francis Festival of Trees.

The HP art classes have decorated a tree for you to see,

On the Mezzanine Level is where our tree will be.

Go by December 31 is the key, and you can attend for free.


Christmas Break

On Wednesday, at 11:00 a.m., school will let out,

Students and teachers alike with joy shall shout.

No child care will take place on campus that day;

Please pick up your kids because they cannot stay.


SCACS Art Help

Students who signed up to compete in SCACS art,

May like some assistance before or after they start.

Mrs. Panosian will be in her art classroom

On January 4th and 5th when school will resume.

Between 3:15 and 4:30, go by her class,

Do you need help? Will your art project pass?

The help you will need will be at your command –

The project may end up the best in the land!

Remember, by January 10th, projects at school must appear

If you want to compete in SCACS art this school year.

Art Items Needed

Art classes will start a project after the break,

Supplies are needed for clay impressions to make.

Interesting buttons, old earrings, or tacks,

Things with designs, like screws and knick-knacks.

Whatever you find at your home in a tray

That can make an interesting impression on clay,

Please send it in and mark it for art –

Then this new project the students will start.


Tommy Hilfiger Sale

Is your child in need of a new uniform top?

On Tommy Hilfiger’s sale you will want to hop.

From January 11 to 16 you will find

Twenty percent off your order online.

As the sale approaches, a promo code we will share

In the Weekly News email, so please be aware.


Spirit Week is January 29 – February 2

All students are invited to participate in Spirit Week!

Each day is exciting, fun and unique!

In case you have time over the holiday break

To take time to shop and a costume create.

Please make a note of the days we have planned

So the students will have spirit and will not be bland.

  • Superhero/Character Day
  • Mountains vs. Beach
  • International Day
  • Crazy Day
  • Spirit Day


Panthers in Action

Upcoming Basketball Games

The varsity teams have an opportunity to play –

To play in a tournament at BJA a couple days.

We play teams from Alabama, on the 28th-29th of December,

It is on the calendar in RenWeb, in case you don’t remember.


Thursday, December 28 – all games held at BJA

  • Varsity Girls vs. Tabernacle 3:30 p.m.
  • Varsity Boys vs. Tabernacle 6:30 p.m.

Friday, December 29 –all games held at BJA

  • Varsity Girls vs. Tuscaloosa 10:00 a.m.
  • Varsity Boys vs. Tuscaloosa 1:00 p.m.


General Information

Lunchroom Dessert Contest Winner

Desserts of all types for the contest were made.

Recipes tried and ingredients paid.

Some fruity, or pumpkin, or with chocolate chips –

Delicious desserts that would just make you flip!

The winner – Adalyn Schley – made a wonderful sweet.

The winner is her Amazing S’mores Rice Krispie Treats.

On January 8, the lunchroom will serve it that day,

Since Adalyn won, she can eat and not pay.

Thank you to all who a recipe sent –

It was a fun contest and time well-spent.


Christmas Office Hours

Over the holidays, from Monday through Fri-day,

The office is open to help while students are a-way.

The hours are 8 a.m. to five in the night,

And if you don’t have an answer, the office staff might.

However, the office is closed on a few holidays,

Make a note not to stop by on your way

From here or to there as you’re out and about.

No one will be here these days, no doubt.

December 25 and 26 with locks on the door

And January 1 is just one day more.

Come any other days or call if you may,

“We are glad to help you,” the staff will say!

2018-2019 Dates

  • First Day of School (grades 1-12) – August 14
  • Teacher’s Convention – September 27-28

Lunch Menu


Wednesday, 12/20Thursday, 12/21Friday, 12/22Monday, 1/1Tuesday, 1/2
11:00 dismissal –     No child careNo school or

child care

No school or

child care

No school or

child care

No school or

child care


Looking Ahead


December 19Christmas Program (Grades K4-2; 7:00 p.m. – Main Auditorium)
December 20Christmas Vacation Begins (Grades K4-12 dismiss at 11:00 a.m. – No Child Care)
January 3School Resumes
January 5Geography Bee (2:25 p.m. – Collins Auditorium)
January 8End of 2nd Grading Period
January 9Second Semester Begins
January 10-12Art Run-offs (Grades 1-12)
January 11Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, & String Solos and Ensembles
January 12Report Cards
January 15Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – No School or Child Care
January 19Piano Solo & Piano Ensemble Run-offs (Grades 1-6)
January 26Upper School Piano Solo & Piano Ensemble Run-offs
January 26Upper School Vocal Solo Run-offs
January 26Upper School Creative Writing and Poetry Run-offs
January 29-February 2Spirit Week


Merry Christmas!


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