Principal’s Post – April 13, 2018

Dear HPCS Parent,
It’s been awhile since I’ve sent a principal’s post, but my heart is full this morning, and I wanted to share my thoughts and thanksgiving with you.

The last several days, I’ve been able to spend time with our three spring sports teams, traveling with them and hanging out on the bench during their games. I’ve been able to see firsthand how they respond to each other, to the other teams, to adversity, and to triumph. I’m so proud of them, not just for their recent wins and incredible individual and team performances but also for their commitment to one another and to honoring God with their attitudes. To see them lift each other up, encouraging one another and cheering each other on when down or discouraged and reaching out to the opposing teams with respect and care makes me proud beyond words! Just yesterday I witnessed one of our junior high girls collide with another player and get right back up, but instead of pursuing a scoring opportunity, she bent down to make sure the other girl was OK and help her up before getting back into play.

And the past two days, I’ve been able to spend time with our students competing at the national fine arts competition over at BJU. Congratulations to Cort Street and Justin Priest for their outstanding achievement earning second place in percussion solo and original oratory, respectively. And a huge shout out to Mr. Wooldridge and our band for coming in second place among a group of bands that were incredibly talented this year! And keep in mind that our band is made up of a greater number of junior high students than any other band I saw in the competition. The junior highers had to earn the right to play in competition, and they worked very hard to do so. And the upperclassmen really anchored the band and provided outstanding leadership to the younger students.

But with all the successes of both our athletic and fine arts programs, what made me prouder than anything this week was a comment passed along to me from a fine arts director from Wisconsin, who brought his students 1000 miles to compete this week. This gentlemen volunteered to hold the door for the band contestants throughout the day, helping each group of students from bands across the country to enter the building and set up for their performances. He said, “Only one student from all the other bands throughout the day said ‘Thank you’ . . . until Hampton Park came [14 bands preceded us]. And at least 90% of the Hampton Park students told me ‘Thank you,’ and I was so impressed by that!”
When I heard his comment, I was overwhelmed with gratitude at the privilege I have to know these students and to have a small part in investing in their lives! I think our students are the most amazing bunch of kids in the world! I just can’t tell you enough how proud I am of them. I’m proud of them not because they never struggle and never do wrong—they do (especially in the spring . . . there’s just something about the spring . . .)—but so do we all struggle to always make godly choices. Our students as a whole, however, struggle though they do, work to make things right when they blow it and to learn and grow from poor choices they make. And for the most part, they love each other through their struggles and reach out to those around them to help and encourage (be they their own classmates or competitors from another team or fine arts directors from another state). So . . . praise God for how He’s working in the Hampton Park family. We are family here, and I’m so blessed to be a part of it!

And thank you, parents, for your hard work in rearing your children. (And parenting is the hardest job in the world, isn’t it!) We’re honored to have your children here and grateful for the sacrifices you make to send them. We’re in this together and thankful for the opportunity to partner with you in educating and discipling those who will one day replace us and continue on the the great work our heavenly Father has called us to.

Lord bless you!



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