Welcome to Our Faculty, Mrs. Watts!

Paula Watts is our new Art Teacher.

Welcome, Mrs. Watts!

My husband Jeremy and I have been married nine years and we have a beautiful little girl named Lucy Jane who is 15 months old. We love to travel and we’ve both been all over the world. I also, of course, love to make my own art.

I’ve been working with children for over ten years, and I have always wanted to teach art in a Christian school but the Lord just never opened the door to do that until now. I feel most Christian schools push music and speech as their fine arts while forgetting the visual arts. God is our Creator and instilled that attribute in us to be able to create.

I am very passionate about teaching young believers how to view, interpret, and appreciate art from a Christian viewpoint. I am also passionate about helping to flourish the gifts and abilities that God has given to them.


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