Financial Information – Tuition

2020-21 HP Tuition and Rate Schedule

FACTS Integrated Tuition Payments

  • Hampton Park Christian School uses FACTS Tuition Management for all financial transactions.
  • Late Fees/Returned Check Fees:
    •  A monthly fee of $40 will be assessed by FACTS on any balance after the due date.
    • If a payment of any type fails to clear, FACTS charges a $30 fee.
    • If an electronic check fails to clear, a fee of $30 will be charged.

General Account Information

  • Tuition may be billed in a 10 month period, semester or yearly.
  • Either option may be set up with FACTS.


  • A multiple child discount of $20 per child per month will be applied to applicable accounts. To receive a multiple child discount, all children must be a part of the same account and the person financially responsible must be a parent or legal guardian to each child.
  • Accounts paid in full by August 1 will receive a $100 discount per child for the year. If the semester is paid in full by the August 1 or January 1 due date, a $25 discount per child per semester will be applied to the account.
  • Discounts are not applied to part-time students.


  • If extenuating circumstances demand it, a child may be withdrawn from Hampton Park Christian School by contacting the school, completing and submitting an official withdrawal form, returning all school-owned materials, and paying a $500 withdrawal fee plus full payment of all charges through the calendar month in which the withdrawal is made.
  • Records will be transferred to another school upon completion of the withdrawal process.

Tuition Assistance

  • Prior to the beginning of a school year, tuition assistance may be available to families with a demonstrative financial need. To apply for tuition assistance, the person responsible for the account should contact the business administrator at (864) 385-6110 or to begin the process.