Principal’s Post – Spirit Week 2016

Dear HPCS Parent,

Happy New Year and welcome to second semester at Hampton Park! I trust your Christmas break was a blessed one with family and friends and a valuable time for rest and reflection.

We’re gearing up for two very important events starting in just a few days: next week we celebrate “Spirit Week” and welcome twenty Chinese exchange students and two teachers to our campus!

Regarding Spirit Week, I wanted to alert parents to some information we’ll share with the students tomorrow in preparation for the week. Following is an updated list of the theme for each day. Please note some changes to the order of the themes. We thought it would be a good idea to schedule our “Athlete vs. Mathlete” day on the same day Clemson plays for the national title, and we also moved “Crazy Day” to its traditional spot on Thursday. I apologize for the schedule changes, but we think the students will enjoy these.

  • Monday – “Athlete vs. Mathlete Day” – dress like a “nerd” or a “jock” – for athletic apparel, loose-fitting athletic shorts to at least the top of the knee may be worn (same as Connection Week), no jersey tank tops without a T-shirt underneath, loose-fitting sweatpants are fine / no “yoga” type pants, branded wear of your favorite sports team is fine
  • Tuesday – “America Day” – iconic American dress – think cowboys, Indians, pilgrims, West Side Story, Duck Dynasy, that kind of thing
  • Wednesday – “Pirate or Princess Day” – dress like a pirate or a princess – guys, no dresses or tiaras, please
  • Thursday – “Crazy Day” – mismatched clothes or costumes, be creative! – temporary face and hair paint is fine if done at home rather than on campus
  • Friday – School Colors Day – navy, white & yellow – does not have to be HP branded wear, but please consider wearing #iam4you shirts for the student section seating at the basketball games, jeans are fine

Students are expected to wear school uniform attire if they don’t make an honest effort to dress up according to the daily theme. (Lower school teachers may have slight adjustments to the above for their particular classes.)

Friday night next week we play Bob Jones Academy for Homecoming. Following is the schedule for the evening. We would love as many who can possibly come and support our teams and honor the seniors, to do so. It will be a great “family” time for HPCS that night, so please come out.

  • 4:00 – Middle School Girls
  • 5:15 – Middle School Boys
  • 6:00 – Homecoming Senior Recognition
  • 6:30 – Varsity Girls
  • 7:45 – Varsity Boys
  • 9:00 – Junior/Senior Outing


Have a great weekend! Hope to see you Friday for Homecoming!




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