HPCS Upper School Car-line Change for Friday (Nov. 11)

Dear HPCS Upper School Parent,

This coming Friday, November 11, we need to adjust the car-line for pick-up after school. Pick-up will be at the same time as always: 3:15. But we need to adjust the car-line route due to a funeral in the auditorium that will conclude around the same time as school dismissal.

So, for this Friday only, please take a right just past the soccer field rather than going straight around the auditorium. Students will exit the building at the lower doors beside the soccer field rather than at the upper “Panther doors.” You can pick up your child on the sidewalk just outside that door and across from the soccer field. Once you’ve picked up your child, you will then exit down the drive toward the gym and the lower school and take a right just past the playground. You will then be able to proceed up the hill through the woods toward the main entrance/exit to campus at State Park Road.

Students who drive to school will park as usual in the upper parking lot and will be able to dismiss at the Panther doors and exit campus as usual. We will just ask them to be especially quiet and respectful of those exiting the funeral at that time.

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding this Friday.



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