Principal’s Post – Summer 2017

Dear HPCS Parent,

Happy July! I trust your summer is going well and you’re having a great time with family and friends. It’s hard to believe the summer is already more than half over, and while it’s been much quieter around campus, allowing for much work to be done, we do miss your children and look forward to the upcoming school year!

The main reason I’m writing is to communicate three important announcements.

First, I’m very excited to announce that Mr. Micah Thompson will be our new upper school social studies teacher. Micah was a student of mine at Northland, so I’ve known him for several years now. Micah has a bachelor’s in social studies education and speech education and a master’s degree in communication. He taught the courses he’ll teach for us at a private school in the upstate for two years. Micah has a passion for history and a heart for young people. I know you’ll enjoy getting to know him and hear what your children are learning in his classes.

Second, most of you are aware of the total eclipse that will occur on Monday, August 21, here in Greenville. This is quite an historic event, as Greenville will be in the “path of totality,” allowing us to see the sun completely eclipsed for several minutes. This is a school day for us, and we’re planning a big event on campus for that afternoon. We’ll have more details for you soon, but for now we at least want you to know that all our parents and family members are invited to attend with their children that afternoon. We plan to have quality eclipse glasses available for everyone who attends, so no need to worry about obtaining those on your own. We’re hoping this will be a wonderful educational opportunity for our students and teachers as well as a chance to build unity among the entire school body by having as many families as possible attend. If you’re already planning to attend another event that afternoon or to be with family in another location, cuts will be granted to you for that day. But we’d love to see as many as possible be with us at HPCS that afternoon. More details to come . . .

Finally, the STEAM-Powered fundraiser this past year was incredibly successful, having exceeded our goal of $50,000 by $30,000 for a grand total of $80,000! Thank you to all who contributed! The challenge this summer has been determining exactly how to spend those dollars to maximize our ability to support the STEAM subject areas in our school. I’m thrilled to let you know of some of the ways we’re spending the money, and I’ll have a complete list for you at Orientation at the start of the new school year: 1) praise the Lord for allowing us to win an auction for twenty Promethean boards for the price of just one–these are top-of-the-line interactive smart boards that we did not expect to have the money to purchase–all the lower school classrooms are receiving one and a handful of upper school rooms as well; 2) enough iPads for grades K4, K5, and 1st grade to outfit an entire classroom for each grade level; 3) several Dell laptops for each lower school classroom for student use; 4) two 32-unit mobile labs of Dell laptops for the upper school, allowing at least two entire classrooms to use computers at once (these labs are in addition to the fixed lab we already have and will continue to utilize); 5) five robotics kits and computers for use by the Pantherbots robotics program; and 6) a number of items to support the math, music, art, and science programs in both upper and lower school. We’re excited and grateful to be able to implement each of these tools to become more STEAM-Powered at HPCS!

Have a wonderful remainder of the summer, and please pray for us as we prepare for the new school year. Enrollment is looking strong, and we’re excited about the new families who will be joining us. Lord bless you,



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