Resource Program: Panther TRACK

The HPCS Panther TRACK Resource Program 

 TRACK is an acronym that helps explain the various components of our resource program. Here’s the overview:

T – Testing accommodations
are provided to students with a diagnosis that warrants those accommodations. If the amount of time or the location of the accommodations is beyond what the classroom teacher can provide, the student is encouraged to sign up for academic coaching and/or remedial instruction and/or the upper school Learning Strategies elective course in order to make sure adequate time and personnel are available.

R – Remedial instruction is offered for students with a diagnosed learning difference that affects their math, reading, and/or writing. Students may receive one semester of remedial instruction as a response-to-intervention strategy before completing testing. For students in the lower school, remedial instruction is provided during two or three related arts periods per week. For students in the upper school, remedial instruction is available as a Learning Strategies class during the elective hour. Remedial instruction and the Learning Strategies class are offered in the resource classroom where we are able to work toward the closing of learning gaps and the accomplishing of individualized goals with intentionally chosen curricula and manipulatives.

A – Academic coaching is available to students wanting to improve their personal academic performance, especially in the areas of study strategies, attention, classroom behavior, and/or assignment completion. A diagnosis/psychoeducation evaluation is not required but can be helpful. Academic coaching allows the academic coach to step into the general education classroom and observe and/or participate in the instructional time. An individualized weekly check-in is a key part of the academic coaching. Academic coaching also aids in the transition of skills from the resource classroom to the general education classroom.

C – Counseling referrals are provided to students and families upon request.

K – Kinesthetic therapies include occupational, speech, and behavioral therapies. These services are available by private contract with approved therapists and may be provided at HPCS if coordinated through the resource director.


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Synergy Psychology or Greenville Assessment and Learning Services (GALS with Dr. Anna Hunt)