Part-Time Student Information

Hampton Park Christian School’s Part-Time Student Program is for students in 7th-12th grades. A part-time student is one who is homeschooled and taking 3½ units or fewer per year at Hampton Park.

Part-Time Student Fees

  • Registration
    • Part-time students must register and pay the standard registration fee.
  • Tuition – Rates are per month for 10 months
    • Grades 7-8
      • ½ Unit – $54
      • 1 Unit – $108
    • Grades 9-12
      • ½ Unit – $60
      • 1 Unit – $120
    • Textbooks must be purchased


  • Enrollment in a homeschool that meets all the requirements of the state of South Carolina
  • Completion of HPCS Admissions Process


  • Meet all relevant requirements stated in the HPCS handbook, including conduct and dress codes.
  • Attend chapel once per week if the class taken meets immediately before or after chapel (if a student’s classes meet before AND after chapel/Bible class, the student will be required to attend chapel & Bible)
  • Meet all attendance requirements for each class


  • Receive a yearbook
  • Attend school events without charge
  • Receive standardized testing for the published testing fee
  • Participate in field trips relating to the class they are taking
  • Ability to purchase lunch at school


Part-time students are exempt from the following:

  • Receiving class rank
  • Receiving end-of-year awards
  • Participating in National Honor Society
  • Holding student-elected offices (homeroom or student council)

Information for Seniors

Students who wish to receive a Hampton Park Christian School diploma must be enrolled as a full-time student during the final year of class work. HPCS will not count course work taken elsewhere toward full-time status or accept credit for course work taken at another school when the course in question is available through HPCS.

An exception to the above policy may be granted when a student has already met most of the necessary requirements for graduation and is taking fewer than five credits to complete graduation requirements. If a student falls into this category, he or she will be required to attend homeroom and chapel in addition to the classes needed for graduation.

Occasionally an exception may be made for a student who combines classes at HPCS with a trade school, such as the Foothills Vocational Center, during the junior and senior years but receives the majority of credits from HPCS.