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The Hampton Park Christian School is excited to announce that when you access Amazon through our website, you can support our school at the same time!

It’s EASY: simply click the Amazon banner above and shop as usual on the entire Amazon website. There are no special codes or checkout procedures. All you do is click the link, log in to your account and shop. You can use the link on your computer, tablet or phone. Nothing comes without fine print. Here are the important details for you to know:

  • Order matters: You need to click the link, shop, and check out - in that order. If you go to Amazon in your usual way, put things in your cart, and then remember to click on the link and check out – your sale will not earn us funds. You have to click our link before you put anything in your cart.
  • The clock matters: You have 24 hours from when you link to put an item in your cart. After that you will need to link again. If you link, put something in your cart within 24 hours, but don’t want to buy it right away, that is fine – the purchase will still earn us funds if you finalize it within 90 days: just remember to click the link before you shop.
  • One purchase session per link session: Arriving at Amazon through our link is good for 24 hours or until you place your order – after that, you need to click the link again. So if you click the link, complete a purchase, and then need to make another purchase – you have to click the link again in order for the purchase to earn us a commission.
  • You won’t see anything that identifies you as a HPCS shopper. Don’t worry - as long as you used the HPCS link and followed the order and clock guidelines, your purchase will count.

How much does the school earn?
Our school will receive up to 12% in referral fees for any purchases that are made on the Amazon site. Referral rates will vary depending on the compensation plan, purchase volume, and product categories. Anyone can shop through the Amazon link on the HPCS website, so encourage everyone you know to use it. 

Thank you for your support! Feel free to send your friends and family to  for more information. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Ryan Wooldridge.

HPCS is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Lowes Food Card

Hampton Park is now enrolled in the Lowes Food program for schools. You must first have a Lowes Food Card. To register that card, go to Under the "Cart to Class" tab, click on the "link your school to your card" and enroll. From here, you will enter your card information and choose HPCS from a pull down menu.

Publix Partners

Publix Partners cards (credit card and key-ring sizes) are available in the Hampton Park Christian School office. shows how much HPCS earned last quarter and all time.

Ingles Tools for Schools

ingles Advantage Cards must be individually linked to HPCS in order for a portion of your purchases to be designated. Please visit the program website at to register your card. Our school ID is 11303.